Frequently Asked Questions


In order to best serve your health and wellness needs, we are not in network with any insurance providers. However, you may submit your care to insurance for reimbursement–please read below for more information. Although prices may vary, we like you to know what to expect up front. Our general fee schedule is as follows:
New Patient Examination: $100
Adjustment: $45
Re-examination: $50
For the most up-to-date information on our fees and your health care needs contact our clinic directly at 816.281.8300
Care Plan investment options are available to suite your health care goals and needs. Investment options are reviewed following your new patient examination.


At Adjusted For Life, we believe in the value of the care we provide for you and your entire family regardless of budget and insurance coverage.
We do not accept health insurance, but will provide you with the information necessary to submit to your provider yourself at your request. This allows us to help individuals who lack insurance or are worried about high costs charged by most clinics.
We are an out of network provider for health insurance due to the rules and stipulations they have on providing care for you in our office. With a reduction in payment and the requirement to hire additional staff to process the claims, our office fees would have to be increased. So instead, we pass that savings on to YOU!
Many people now have $50 and $60 copays for chiropractic care, so often times our standard office visit charge actually saves you money.
You can use your FSA/HSA account to pay for services in our office. We will happily provide you with the proper documentation needed.
MEDICARE PATIENTS: At this time we are no longer accepting new patients that have any form of Medicare Insurance. We are a non-participating provider for Medicare and not a provider for Medicare HMO or PPO plans.
Medicare only covers “Medically Necessary” adjustments. It does not cover examinations, consultations, maintenance/wellness adjustments, any services outside your spine in the region of complaint, muscle work, re-examinations, etc. We would prefer not “nickel and dime” you for care in our office in order to follow Medicare guidelines, but also have a high code of morals and ethics we are not willing to compromise to provide the care we feel you would benefit from. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.